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justice_02's Journal

16 January
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I originally bought the Diva cup well over six or seven years ago. Loved it, loved the concept. Told lots of people about it. The only problem I ever had with it was it made it difficult to urinate with it in. I actually stopped using it for a year or so and returned to using non-applicator OB tampons. Decided to give the cup a try again and resorted to taking it out everytime I had to urinate which to me was a minor inconvenience. I have recently been on the quest to find a cup that allows me to urinate without first removing it. Also, it is amazing how many different cups there are out there now. When I first got interested in cups there was just The Keeper and The Diva. We have come a long way by offering so many choices. More confusing also which is why resources like this are so fantastic. I love cups and I always will. Looked forward to starting my period growing up and now I look forward to it even more. Thanks for letting me join your community.